Rosalia De Souza

SC 383
Release date 2004


From the acclaimed album Nicola Conte apresenta Rosalia De Souza "Garota Moderna" a series of remixes by some of the best producers of the nu jazz scene will be released on CD format. The remixed album is titled "Nicola Conte apresenta Rosalia De Souza" "Garota Diferente" and is scheduled for the autumn 2004. It will include some of the most recently released singles, such as the one with remixes by Five Corners Quintet & Povo, Zero dB & Raw Deal, Trüby Trio & Big Bang, Gerardo Frisina & Gianluca Petrella, and some new remixes that will be available on CD only with artists like Stateless, The Dining Rooms and Buscemi. This project, conceived and made possible by Nicola Conte, explores different music genres, spanning from the nu jazz of Five Corners Quintet, Povo and Gianluca Petrella to more contemporary sounds like the ones made by Trüby Trio, Raw Deal, Zero dB and big Bang, without of course forgetting the bossa sound of Gerardo Frisina, and it also reaches more ambient atmospheres, care of The Dining Rooms, Buscemi and Stateless. Garota Diferente is an album that will not go unnoticed by the numerous supporters of Schema Records.

1.Adriana - The Five Corners Quintet rmx
2.Maria Moita - Zero dB remix
3.Fica Mal Com Deus - Truby Trio rmx
4.Samba Novo - Gianluca Petrella rmx
5.Saudosismo - Povo remix
6.Bossa 31 - Gerardo Frisina rmx
7.Fica Mal Com Deus - Stateless rmx
8.Zona Sul - Raw Deal rmx
9.Canto De Ossanha - Big Bang rmx
10.Bossa 31 - Buscemi rmx
11.Mais - The Dining Rooms rmx