SC 364
Release date 2004


A Compilation featuring Artists that have Kept a Sincere Ear to the Jazz Productions that Populated the Scene of the 50's, 60's, and 70's. Keeping their Style's in Accordance with Those Times, While Drawing Influences from Not Only Latin, and Brazilian Jazz, but American Jazz as Well, it Contains Some of the Most Predominant Artsist of Today, that have Made a Name for Themselves by Sticking to the Styles of Yesteryear.

1.Big Bang - Speak Low
2.Paolo Fedreghini - Please Don't Leave - the essential
3.Was-A-Bee - This Is What You Are
4.The Five Corners Quintet - Blueprint
5.Nicola Conte - Nefertiti
6.Cabaret Noir - Ordinary Night (In A Provincial Town)
7.Paolo Fedreghini e Marco Bianchi - Oriental Smile
8.Nicola Conte e Gianluca Petrella - New Standards
9.Gerardo Frisina - Gica's Dance
10.Doctor Abstract - Struck On Jazz
11.Schema Sextet - Lothar