Dining Rooms, The

SC 362
Release date 2003


Club Grooves Addicted and Jazz Lovers, please rejoyce!!!! Schema's out now with another stunning 12" good both for dance-floors and soft-lighted bedrooms. This time we are proud to introduce you the "ep1 Versioni Particolari" (literally -particular versions) featuring two stunning remixes from "The Cinematic Orchestra" and "Soulpatrol". A-side presents the incredible rework made by Jason Swinscoe and his brigade on the track Fluxus, turned into a nine minute long delightful soul experience. B-side has got the job Soulpatrol did on La Città Nuda. They added a funk oriented attitude, paying tribute to Afro-Beat roots (this version's infact named "Afrolicious Mix"). This is only the first of a series of 12" featuring big names as remixers (Nicola Conte's in the pipeline). A cd remix album (including all the 12"s and more) will be out next year.

1.La Città Nuda - Soulpatrol Afrolicious mix
2.Fluxus - The Cinematic Orchestra remix