Dining Rooms, The

SC 355
Release date 2003

2 LP

TDR is not mere sounds. It is music. You hear sounds but you feel music. TDR is a project about ‘more than music’, about now and then, present and past. It is music and images as well. To see what one feels is a language of boundless parameters: it’s about sharing communication beyond words. What better than music and images to do it than? In TDR project, music and video stays togheter to create a movie, a 'squeezed' juice of emotions in which distance between sounds and images is reduced to the minimum to set our 'emotional loops' free. “Tre” is the new long-awaited 12 tracks album by The Dining Rooms. 12 tracks and 2 videos to be precise (Maria Arena is the brillant filmaker working with TDR). 12 elements redefining the borders of TDR music, drawing inspiration from Jazz, Africanism, Hip-Hop, House, Soul with true eclectism. “Tre” is a turning point in the history of TDR and represent a sort of change of perspectives. Some great guests like SoulPatrol from Compost, Anna Clementi (the voice of G-Stone Tosca project) and the undiscovered talent of Sean Martin (he’ll make you cry with his incredible voice) give the record a special touch but the remarkable main feature is the mastery of the music matter that Stefano Ghittoni and Cesare Malfatti show us in this chapter: you can’t no longer use standard clichès and genres to describe it . From the black’n’soul of “Tunnel” and “Fighting 4 Rebirth” to the floor filling grooves of “African Loungesters” “Prigionieri Del Deserto” and “La Città Nuda” through the downtempo delights of ”You”, “Anima Per Amarti” and “Astroblack”, “Tre” is an emotional journey that confirms TDR as producers with great sensibility and taste.

2.La Città Nuda
4.Flamenco Sketches
5.Dreamy Smiles
7.Cinemaroma 3
8.Fightin' 4 Rebirth
9.Prigionieri Del Deserto
11.Astro Black
12.African Loungesters
13.Anima Per Amarti