SC 347
Release date 2002

2 CD
3 LP

After Four Successful Chapters, the Break N’ Bossa Series is Back with a Fifth Double Disc Edtion, Once Again Compiling the Most Interesting and Groovy Tunes Available from Schema Records. The Second Disc of this Set is a Valuable Bonus CD that Introduces You to the Wonderful and Ever Evolving World of "Break N’ Bossa". The Disc is a Completely Live Mixed "dj Set", featuring Well Tested Tunes as Well as Those Just off the Pressing Boards! Disc one's served up in no-pauses fashion, with several notables. S-Tone's "In the mood for bossa" is a stoked up number with singer Laura Fedele's romantic intentions reaching right through to you. Greyboy and Nicola Conte turn a trombone-led little thing into a flute-filled workout, with exquisite breakdown in between. The first hour has the expected share of bouncy traditional fare ("Puutarhasa", "Mas Eu Quer Ser") but aims notably jazzier, less interested in the Compost- style club sound. Disc two combines original pieces with repeats and alternate versions; mixed together, they absolutely spring alive. Aforementioned "Mastered the Art," gains an immediacy and excitability, while slower work from Rosalia De Souza refreshingly changes the pace. Add a dash of romance from Soulstance, and a floop-filling firestorm from Combo Granata for a mighty fine 55 minutes quick to prompt a replay. Bottom line, two discs, including a fab mixed version = no-brainer purchase. Not quite All That, but certainly all you would want this many volumes in. ::: FULL TRACKILIST (with a few tracks more - copyright controlled) DISC ONE 1. Dance Naked Under Palmtrees - Droesemeyer, Ralf 2. Penso Ascoltando - Garcia, R. 3. In the Mood for Bossa - Fedele, L. 4. Puutarhassa [Mika Snickars Extended Version] - Streng, Pekka 5. Existentialism [Milano Bossa Mix] - Dining Rooms 6. Mastered the Art [Nicola Conte Jet Sounds Remix] - Andrews, M. 7. Good Morning as Usual [Senor Coconut Remix] - Snooze 8. Salsin - Harbottle, M. 9. O Preguicoso - Brown, Thomas 10. Mas Eu Quer Ser - Frisina, Gerardo DISC TWO 1. Canto de Ossanha [Alternative Version][Alternate Take] - DeMoraes, Vinicius 2. Mastered the Art [Nicola Conte Jet Sounds Remix] - Andrews, M. 3. Zig Zag [Alternative Version][Alternate Take] - Ciancaglini, P. 4. The Aftermath of Love - Schifrin, Lalo 5. Mas Eu Quer Ser [Piano Perspective][Instrumental] - Frisina, Gerardo 6. Circle - Lo Greco, Vincenzo 7. O Preguicoso - Brown, Thomas 8. Moroccan Variations - Conte, Nicola 9. Posada Do Amor - Hommes, Les 10. Meu Samba [Nicola Conte's Bossa Ahead Remix] - Goulart, Eli

3.S-Tone inc. - In The Mood for Bossa
5.The Dining Rooms - Existentialism
10.Gerardo Frisina - Mas Eu Quer Ser
13.Soulstance - Honesty
14.Rosalia De Souza - Canto de Ossanha
16.Rosalia De Souza - Zig-Zag
17.Soulstance - The Aftermath of Love
18.Gerardo Frisina - Mas Eu Quer Ser
19.Soulstance - Circle
21.Nicola Conte - Moroccan Variations
22.Les Hommes - Posada do Amor
24.Combo Granata - Colpo su Colpo
25.S-Tone inc. - La Boca del Rio
26.Soulstance - Nucleus