Nicola Conte

Release date 2014

2 LP

An accomplished juggler when it comes to play with styles, capable to invent modern structures, Nicola got us used to his ability to blend harmonically different musical worlds and create cooperation between great musicians. Deepness is the added value of his new album, something in between consciousness and spirituality. Nothing to share with futile trends, this record is a result of an urgent need to research in the depth of the soul and his musical influences.

The album features the talents of José James, Marvin Parks, Heidi Vogel, Melanie Charles, Tasha’s World and Bridgette Amofah, accompanied by a team of incredible jazzmen like Teppo Makynen, Magnus Lindgren, Greg Osby, Timo Lassy, Francesco Lento, Logan Richardson and Fabrizio Bosso.

1.Shades of Joy
2.Goddess of the Sea
3.Free Souls
4.Spirit of Nature
5.Ode to Billie Joe
6.Soul Revelation
7.Amhad's Blues
8.If I Should Love You
9.Baltimore Oriole
11.Sandalia Dela
12.African Other Blues