Mighty Mighty

Release date 2014



Mighty Mighty comes blazing forward from the flourishing Finnish jazz scene. The creation of pianist-composer Kari Setälä, this collective of Helsinki jazz A-listers navigates effortlessly between various flavours of jazz, leaping from energetic straight-ahead into swinging hard-bop and vintage jazz-funk – and everything in between.

As an artist, while I regard composing as a great way of self-expression, I do strongly believe that a collection of “good tunes” – in addition to immaculate solo performances and communicative band interplay - is the guiding light and backbone of a successful jazz album set. That is, compositions with memorable and strong, melodic themes, that - while being approachable – never compromise their artistic integrity nor forego the jazz tradition they stem from. Compositions that are almost always more than just vehicles for extended improvisation: songs.

Putting together this group in early 2009, I had a quite clear artistic vision of trying to balance the musical output between two loves: thereʼs that 1970ʼs electric-piano- fueled jazz-funk as pioneered by H. Hancock, and on the other hand, the acoustic two- horn hard-bop sound of the 1960ʼs.

Iʼve been lucky to be surrounded by a group of excellent and highly in-demand musicians, who are able to swim in these waters like its their second nature!

Kari Setälä

1.Backyard Boogie
2.See The Light
3.Once Again
4.Dark Sun
6.Seventh Sign
8.Too High
9.Time's Up