Nicola Conte

SC 330
Release date 2002


In October 2000 the release of "Jet Sounds" on the international market represented a turning point for us at Schema as well as a new course taken by the label. This record was important for revealing both Nicola Conte's talent worldwide and the vitality of the constantly evolving Italian scene, which Schema Records was smart enough to be involved with. Now after two years we have "Jet Sounds Revisited", and the circle is complete! "JET SOUNDS" has gained great public success and Nicola Conte has received enthusiastic feedback. This new project confers great appreciation by the entire nu-jazz scene for this artist from Bari elevating both parties to a higher level. If we compare the two albums it will be clear how "Jet Sounds" was characterized by Bossa, Jazz, and psychedelic sketches inspired by Italian soundtracks of the late 60's, while "Revisited" manifests the different influences from jazz of the 60's and 70's as shown by the different producers and musicians involved. It has a more evident use of electronics that widens the picture beyond Bossa and reaches club rhythms: nu-house, broken beats, nu-jazz etc. One should definitely take note of the common approach used by the various production teams when taking on the work. They have given us versions which maintain the original mood of the tracks even in the diversity of the various arrangements. You'll get a picture how a remix album could sounds as a truly new artist output from the sparse jazz dub shades of the Thievery Corporation's remake of "Bossa per Due" to the exquisite vocal performance on the swinging "Arabesque" version of Micatone or the future samba version of "The in Samba" by Kyoto Jazz Massive. And the two tracks that Nicola recorded with Gianluca Petrella, only available on 12" vinyl until now, show the great development of his music in recent times as "New Standards" and "Theme in hi-fi" are probably the finest examples of how the influence of '60s jazz could be up to date and groovy! With inspired takes by Koop, Nuspirit Helsinki, Gerardo Frisina, Les Gammas, Eddy and Dus, Espen Horne, "Jet Sounds Revisited" is about to be a groundbreaking album, as a tune like "Love me 'till Sunday" takes off where "Bossa per Due"e faded out on its last note.

1.Arabesque vocal version - Micatone rmx
2.Forma 2000 - Les Gammas rmx
3.Tema in Hi-Fi - N. Conte & G. Petrella
4.Jet Sounds - Nuspirit Helsinki rmx
5.Bossa per Due - Thievery Corp. rmx
6.Fuoco Fatuo - Koop rmx
7.New Standards - N. Conte & G. Petrella
8.The in Samba - Kyoto Jazz Massive rmx
9.Love Me 'Till Sunday - Nicola Conte
10.Missione A Bombay - Eddy & Dus rmx
11.Dossier Omega - Espen Horne rmx
12.Mambo De Los Dandies - Gerardo Frisina rmx