Gerardo Frisina

SC 329
Release date 2001

2 LP

As a great musical expert, and record collector owners of a remarkable collection of vinyl rarities, Gerardo has become the reference point of many international DJs today. This new project, entitled "Ad Lib" from Latin Ad Libtum which means "at your own pleasure/ Freely" ( a term that is often used by jazz musicians, almost like interpreting the freedom of expression), represents all of the experience of he who loves music. Hours and hours of listening and diverse musical genres are now maturing in this new project. It's an amalgamative achievement that sounds of the past, present, and future where all the musicians that have taken part in it have given their fundamental contribution Gerardo explains his work as so: "The sensations that I felt listening to the final disc, were emotions of joy and melancholy, as if an invisible messenger had told me a fascinating story reawakening echoes in me from the past, from when I would let myself be carried away by the infinite emotions of listening to music. Diverse emotions of losing one's way, of when the melodies lost their way I lost mine, of a soul that rises again and soars, and of when the melodies took again to flight. I hope that in a homogenous way I have been able to represent more musical genres, those that have influenced my musical culture, in particular Brazilian, Jazz, Afro-Cuban, and I hope that I transmit the emotions in part which have accompanied me during this journey to the listener".

1.Mas Eu Quer Ser
2.The Tallest Tree
3.Slow Burning
5.Friendly Night
7.Hellen Samba
12.Open Up Your Mind