SC 321
Release date 2000

2 LP

The story continues with the vibrating third chapter of the Break n' Bossa series. The tracklisting has been carefully compiled with many unreleased tracks and some others debuting for the first time, such as: two tracks by Soulstance, "Mutantes" & "The Aftermath Of Love", the revisited track "Jet Sounds" by Nicola Conte which gives the title to his debut album. We also find other unreleased tracks completely to be discovered: South Copa "Delicado", Artless "The Chaser", "Blind Mice" of the Japanese "Kanoe". Greatly appreciated appearances also by Les Gammas, Mr. Hermano, Truby Trio, Tosca and Kyoto Jazz Massive. TRACKLIST 2LP A1 Soulstance - Mutantes A2 Les Gammas - La Vie Des Anges A3 Tosca - Boss On The Boat B1 Soulstance - The Aftermath Of Love B2 Nicola Conte - Jet Sounds B3 Kyoto Jazz Massive - Eclipse C1 Bobby Hughes Experience - B & S C2 South Copa - Delicado C3 Trüby Trio - Crajillo D1 Mr. Hermano - Uno Mas Tiempo (DiSisco Remix) D2 Artless - The Chaser D3 Kanoe - Blind Mice

1.Las Gammas - La Vie Des Anges
2.Soulstance - Mutantes
3.Tosca - Boss On The Boat
4.Soulstance - The Aftermath of Love
5.Mr Hermano - Uno Mas Tiempo (Disisco rmx)
6.Nicola Conte - Jet Sounds
7.Bobby Hughes Experience - B & S
8.Kyoto Jazz Massive - Eclipse
9.South Copa - Delicado
10.Trüby Trio - Carajillo
11.Artless - The Chaser
12.Kanoe - Blind Mice