Nicola Conte

SC 317
Release date 1999

EP 12" + EP 7"

Following the huge response to the future lounge single "Bossa per Due", a favourite of Thievery Corporation, Karminsky, Koinishi from Pizzicato 5, Rainer Truby etc., Schema is proud to present the new release from Nicola Conte; "Jet Sounds". A brand new cocktail of Brazilian and psychedelic jazz. The tune represent the fez style at it's best and it's coupled with a sitar funk tune on the flip side, "Il Pianeta X". There's something special within this new offering, a limited edition 7" single with two atmospheric jazz tracks "Arabesque" and "Fuoco Fatuo" taken from the forthcoming album. It's a journey through the Italian perspective of the new scene with plenty of vibraphone, flute, swinging percussion and west coast baritone sax.