S-Tone Inc

MI 2004
Release date 1996


Listening to "Love Unlimited" by S-Tone Inc. is like travelling at 360° around a musical world called "acid jazz". It has evolved in multiple directions gathering wider views of how to shape new sounds widening the roots from which its born; soul, funk and jazz. Produced by Stefano "S-Tone" Tirone, " Love Unlimited" has many valuable guest singers. "A new beginning" can be the track that best describes the mood this work portrays; spiritual, it spaces into a new territory made out of Indian atmospheres, soul melodies and trip hop rhythms. The album also features vocals on “Groove on” by Julia St Louis and Manuela Ravaglioli features on “Ainda Sonhar,” a beautiful Portoguese piece sings "Groove on' a track highly inspirated to Isaac Hayes, a real inpiration for Stefano Tirone. Another great interpreter is Manuela Ravaglioli with "Ainda Sonhar" a Portoguese piece.. a very particular and futuristic bossanova, truly one of the best pieces of the album. Marlon Marinoni, sax and flute player. "Love Unlimited" opens a window onto a world of free stylistic barriers; music thrown towards the future with deep traditional soul roots.

1.A New Beginning
2.Message of Love
3.The Sweetest Thing
5.Groove on
7.Ainda Sonhar
8.Deeper Love
9.I Don't Know
11.Time (The Bassociation mix)