SC 315
Release date 1999

2 LP

Gianni & Enzo Lo Greco aka “Soulstance” debut for Schema with the release of the album “En Route” following the prominent spreading of the single “Circle”. “En Route” is the most welcomed outcome of the collaboration that took place between Luciano Cantone and the Lo Greco brothers that had from the onset of the project the idea to have Schema produce their album. The label was easily convinced to produce the project since it brought a missing aspect to the Schema roster and sound, fundamentally jazz but with a strong soul character, hence Soulstance. Soulstance draws inspiration from many sources especially the two brother are fond of the Afro-American culture as a whole especially Soul Jazz and also of Brazilian sounds. The journey in “En Route” starts at Via Abbadesse’s, location of Soulstance’s research & recording studio. This first track, a sort of soundtrack to the album itself, has a strong influence of Iaasc Hayes also detectable in other track such as “Check into your record bag” and “We go our’s own way”. The track “Uma Estrella Cadente” reveals the background of the two artist that through this give us a strong reminder of the sound of Pat Metheny. As a whole the album is a musical travelling guide dedicated to nu-jazzbeats and the wonderful music of Brazil with incredible “soul quality” with the utmost concern to respect the originals and playing aided only by today’s production skills.

1.Theme From Abbadesse Street
2.En Route
4.We Go Our's Own Way
5.Uma Estrela Cadente
7.Check Into Your Record Bag
8.Life Time
9.Truth, Simplicity & Love
11.Friend of Long Standing