SC 311
Release date 1999

2 LP

BREAK N BOSSA CHAPTER ONE mixes Brazilian jazz with electronic breakbeats. Conceived by Luciano Cantone co-founder of Schema together with DJ Bruno Bolla, developing a project that has now become a reference point for the new club scene having and also becoming the starting point for musical inspiration. This great change forseen by Schema has, at the same time, been expanded to further levels and to a different audiences other labels and their artist able to unite many styles with two simple words that have now reached a brand of its own. Tracks List 1 Les Gammas - Servus Mr. Bond 4:34 2 Balanco - Metti Una Sera A Cena (Jazzanova Remix) 6:22 3 Dj Matsuoka - The Will Of Life 8:42 4 Rainer Truby Trio - Galicia 6:37 5 Jask - Eclipse 9:26 6 Jazzanova Vs Har You Percussion Group - Welcome To The Party 8:09 7 Chaser - Blue Planet 7:21 8 Modaji - Outboard Jeopardy (Club Mix) 8:31 9 Ian Pooley - What`s Your Number (Jazzanova Renumber) 7:04

1.Les Gammas - Servus Mr Bond
2.Balanço - Metti Una Sera A Cena (Jazzanova Remix)
3.Dj Matsuoka - The Will Of Life
4.Rainer Truby Trio - Galicia
5.Jask - Eclipse
6.Jazzanova vs Har You Percussion Group - Welcome To The
7.Chaser - Blue Planet
8.Modaji - Outboard Jeopardy (Club Mix)
9.Ian Pooley - What's your Number (Jazzanova Renumber)
10.Jazzanova - Atabaque