Invisible Session, The

SC 411
Release date 2006

EP 12"

Luciano Cantone, Paolo Fedreghini and Marco Bianchi are the trio masterminding the project going by the name of The Invisible Session. Here they present the first single foreseeing a consistent album coming out next year. The album version (Side B), where the groove is pressing, transports the listener in some kind of hypnotic channel where is virtually impossible not to come out dazzled. The "tubular bell" on the upbeat of one, as a steady point, indicates how crucial is to hold up straight the spine. Towards the deterioration and stress connected with economical power, echoes of prayers soar from the sound of "dholak" and "tambura" (we are in India obviously). The tension relaxes and the heartbeat emerges spontaneously through the voice of Jenny B, who launches an appeal in a "blues" style to the powerful men on earth; in order to preserve from destruction what is left of the planet. A request to protect the right equilibrium of terrestrial elements, necessary to life even in times of the most ruthless, economical consumerism. Truly remarkable is Fabrizio Bosso's solo on trumpet.

1.To The Powerful - Introspective Extension
2.To The Powerful - Album Version