Rosalia De Souza

SC 410
Release date 2005

EP 12"

Introducing the amazing new album of Rosalia "Brasil Precisa Balançar", out by the end of January, this 12" contains 3 different versions of the same song. The song entitling this single is "Jogo De Roda", an unusual and explored cover of the same piece by 'mestre' Edu Lobo; reworked in a Bossa Jazz key. On side A the record presents a rather surprising version of the classic album cut by The Invisible Session, a new name on Schema worth following carefully in the future. The spacey, clubby intro gives way to a straighter Latin jazz tune. The tribal game ritual in the lyrics is sang by a voice touched with effects, which opens to reveal its true colours in the chorus. Impeccable the Bossa jazz execution by the recording band. The side B opens with the album version. Sublime in the arrangements, intense in the interpretation of Rosalia. The extra track by the Trio is a flawless instrumental execution of the piece by a crème of original Brazilian musicians.

1.Jogo De Roda - The Invisible Session mix
2.Jogo De Roda - Album Version
3.Jogo De Roda - The Trio Instrumental