Quartetto Moderno

SC 307
Release date 1999

2 LP

“Quartetto Moderno” is going through Italian jazz scene foregoing a new feeling which implies a cool aesthetic so much connected with European culture. Actually, we cannot but remark that Italian jazz music issued between the late ‘50s throughout the ‘60s is gaining attention elsewhere but in Italy. Numbers and numbers of excellent recording – from Basso Valdambrini’s to Quartetto di Lucca’s, from Giorgio Azzolini’s to Eraldo Volontè’s – are now in great demand thanks to some characteristics which were probably not so easy to focus at the time: actually, they are the fruit of a musical research sustained by stylistic choices showing undoubtedly Italian roots; which is the right humus for Quartetto Moderno. Refined sounds, modal impulses combined with elaborate harmonic series and romantic melodies represent the natural, modern continuation of that artistic period and mood. The young age of the musicians is then the curious pretext for unexpected executions showing however creativity and style in perfect balance.

1.The Windmills Of Your Mind
2.Mr Bond
3.Moderns Dilemma
4.Love Theme From Spartacus
5.Theme From Ecco
6.Giovani D'Oggi
8.Il Gioco Delle Parti