Dining Rooms, The

SC 400
Release date 2005

EP 12"

The new stunning single by The Dining Rooms contains 3tracks. Two mixes of ‘Afrolicious’ on Side A: the original and the Carmel remix. Afrolicious is a great dance track. Perfectly combining elements of Ambient, Afrobeat and Funk, the tune takes shape into a cinematic theme, with an irresistibly driving hook. Class, diversity and a whole heap of groove come out of this track to shake even the most sophisticated dance-floor. The vocal intro sounding like Martin Luther King, disguises a house/broken beat track with fat bass-line. Nasty, sweaty yet unmistakably funky, this is a tune evolving into many sounds. On Side B “Thin Ice” gets the Paul & Mark (aka Fedreghini & Bianchi) cool lick. The vocals introduce a Latin-Jazz track where the piano drives rhythms through echoes of Latin America. A splendid trumpet solo garnishes the tune, giving way to another fabulous trombone solo just when the palate seems to feel satisfied. So the song slips away gently yet rhythmically energetic.

2.Afrolicious - Carmel rmx
3.Thin Ice - P. Fedreghini & M. Bianchi rmx